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Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

Would you like to learn how to spot fake biodegradable glitter?

Would you like to identify the true glitter that biodegrades in nature and meets the fresh water?
In this ebook you will learn that biodegradable glitter is not a marketing hype. The true naturally biodegradable glitter is a scientific breakthrough that solves the issue of plastic glitter and microplastics in the ocean. 
In this free ebook you will learn:
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  • What is fake biodegradable glitter: Misconceptions of biodegradable glitter and how to become a savvy consumer that can find real naturally biodegradable glitter
  • Compostable glitter is bad: Why consumers are misled with compostable glitter and other type of fake biodegradable glitters.
  • The real biodegradable glitter: Learn about Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure. The only naturally biodegradable glitter that meets the fresh water test and have all certifications available for their customers.
  • Approved and verified sources to buy Bioglitter: Make sure to find approved and verified sources that offer 100% Bioglitter Pure or Bioglitter Sparkle. The importance of buying from companies like Blue Sun International and Today Glitter since they never mix their products with plastic glitter or compostable glitter.
  • Why microplastics will be banned and what you can do starting Today: The future of glitter in bulk, bioglitter wholesale and cosmetic grade glitter is naturally biodegradable glitter. Start protecting your environment and loved ones today.
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