What is BioglitterTM?

It shines like glitter. However, unlike plastic glitter is BioglitterTM is an ecoglitter that biodegrades in water. 

  • BioglitterTM is the only glitter with the certification that biodegrades under natural environment. There are other products in the market that claim biodegradability but they are PLA based and do not biodegrade naturally. Fake bioglitter or fake biodegradable glitter only biodegrade in facilities using industrial processes -Recycling plants-. Glitter does not follow this route as it is washed off when people clean their skin and follow waste water stream. This is why the concept of naturally biodegradability is key

  • BioglitterTM is better than any compostable glitter. We have scientific data proving this.  

  • BioglitterTM only comes in hexagonal (hex) shape. If you find any product in a different shape claiming to be BioglitterTM it is fake biodegradable glitter. 

  • There are two types of the true BioglitterTM for cosmetic applications (cosmetic grade):

    • Bioglitter PURE: World's first 100% plastic free glitter. Also 100% Aluminum free.  Bioglitter Pure biodegrades 92% in 30 days. 

      • Only glitter in the world certified to biodegrade in natural water. Compostable glitter does not biodegrade naturally in water. On BioglitterTM biodegrade naturally in water.

      • Bioglitter Pure was the first glitter in the worlds to receive TUV certification 'OK biodegradable in water'

    • Bioglitter SPARKLE: 92% plastic free glitter. It biodegrades 87% in 30 days.

  • There are two options of BioglitterTM for Arts & craft applications (resistant to solvents) 

    • Bioglitter SPARKLE DECO: Version resistant to solvents and more cost effective

    • Bioglitter PURE: The same Bioglitter used in cosmetics can be used in Arts & Crafts. 

  • Made of Eucaplytus cellulose instead of plastic.

  • Vegan friendly options available. Never tested on animals

  • Certified home compostable by AIB Vinçotte

  • 30-40% softer than conventional glitter

What is BioglitterTM made of?

BioglitterTM is an ecoglitter made of fibers of eucalyptus trees, one of the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet. Eucalyptus used is sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ (www.pefc.org standards). 

Majority of commercially available glitters are made of PET (plastic) film. Once plastic glitter is disposed of it leaves in the environment small pieces of plastic (microplastics). Even so-called cellulose glitters have this problem as cellulose used does not biodegrade in nature. They need composting facilities to biodegrade (otherwise they will remain in nature just like regular plastic)

Does BioglitterTM contain GMO ingredients?

No. All raw materials used  are made from sustainably sourced, renewable, non-GMO ingredients. No genetically modified crops are used in the manufacturing of BioglitterTM.  

Is BioglitterTM safe for the ocean?

The film used to create BioglitterTM  verifies marine biodegradation (ASTM D6691-09).

How long does BioglitterTM take to biodegrade?

Bioglitter PURE will biodegrade 92% in 30 days. 

Bioglitter SPARKLE will biodegrade 87% in 30 days.

Where to buy BioglitterTM?

If you want to buy BioglitterTM in quantities from 1kg to 12kg, please contact Blue Sun. You can contact us here.

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Will BioglitterTM biodegrade inside the package?

No. As long BioglitterTM is protected it will not biodegrade. If used in a cosmetic formulation, using any common preservative for personal care applciations will be enough.

The only way for BioglitterTM to biodegrade is in the presence of bacteria. 

What are BioglitterTM biodegradability standards?

BioglitterTM SPARKLE uses a unique and exclusive to BioglitterTM.  This core has excellent eco-credentials

  • Certified compostable in both industrial (EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO 17088)

  • Home composting environments (OK Compost Home)

  • Marine biodegradation approved to ASTM D6691-09

The biodegradability characteristics of the glitter core do not confirm biodegradability of the finished glitter.  Independent testing using ISO14851 (Fresh Water Biodegradability) proved that almost all Bioglitter® SPARKLE biodegrades in natural environment of rivers and lakes in just 4 weeks.

BioglitterTM PURE uses the same cellulose core as Bioglitter® SPARKLE. BioglitterTM PURE uses a 100% aluminum free coating that eliminates all plastic on glitter. 

The result is glitter that it is:

…So the best of both worlds;  Not a microplastic and Leave no mess.

BioglitterTM PURE shines while providing  an innovative ‘Soft Focus Iridescent’ glitter effect never seen before the in glitter industry.

Is BioglitterTM safe for my face and skin?

Yes. Both BioglitterTM SPARKLE and BioglitterTM PURE only contain cosmetic grade ingredients. 

Be aware of using craft glitter in your face. Craft grade contains technical grade pigments that can irritate your skin. Craft glitter may also contain a large content of toxic heavy metals.

Also, it is important not to use small particle size glitter in your eyes (or eye-area) as it may scratch your cornea.

What is the best BioglitterTM for crafts?

There are two options of BioglitterTM for Arts & craft applications (resistant to solvents) 

    • Bioglitter SPARKLE DECO: Version resistant to solvents and more cost effective

    • Bioglitter PURE: The same Bioglitter used in cosmetics can be used in Arts & Crafts. 

How do I apply BioglitterTM?

Bioglitter PURE can be used with any water-based (i..e Aloe Vera) or oil-based (jojoba or cononut oil) glue. Colors will not bleed

Bioglitter SPARKLE should be used with any oil-based (jojoba or cononut oil) glue. Colors like silver, gold, white, clear can be used with water-based glues. Since cosmetic grade pigments are used, water-based glues are not recommended for bright colors. 

How do I remove BioglitterTM?

The best ways to remove glitter from your clothing, house or skin are:

  • Use cleansing oils, baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. to remove glitter from your hair. Massage the glittery parts of your hair, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse in the shower. BioglitterTM will biodegrade in nature.

  • To remove glitter from your skin  use oil on a cotton pad to wipe down your face or other glittery areas of your body.  After that,  wash skin with water and soap. Use a Q-tip in case you need to remove glitter from your eyelashes. 

  • To remove glitter from your clothes, wrap scotch tape around your index finger to remove glitter

  • To remove glitter from your home, use a wet paper towel or dryer sheets.

You can find a great article from our friends at Today glitter here - How to get Rid of glitter.

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